Christian Fletcher Atlanta Consistently Inspired By Braves Baseball And Driven By Nutrition

christian fletcher atlanta

When it comes to cooking, inspiration is everywhere. Those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen can select from ingredients, regions, preparation methods and health benefits as they prepare dishes for themselves, friends and family. As a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan who has been known to combine his love of cooking with a penchant for an active lifestyle, Christian Fletcher Atlanta knows a thing or two about eating right. That’s why he’d like to share some information he’s picked up on ingredients that can help fellow fitness fans like himself feel, look and perform better.

Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s work as a chef – both at home and part of his profession – can be directly tied back to his support of the Atlanta Braves and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. When cooking at home, Christian Fletcher Atlanta is known to use a half-dozen ingredients that any physical trainer would support. One of the more exotic ingredients often incorporated into his recipes is mahi mahi – or dolphinfish. According to, this fish is a popular ingredient among athletes because of the omega-3 fats and the anti-inflammatory effects it boasts. “Inclusion of these foods has been shown to increase blood flow to the muscles during exercise, decrease muscle soreness, reduce swelling, and increase the range of motion after a tough workout,” the article states in its recommendation of foods for those who regularly work out.

As a fitness enthusiast, Christian Fletcher Atlanta knows the value of eating right. For those looking to combine healthy diets with an active lifestyle, he suggests the following tips to get in shape and start enjoying life just a little bit more. He expects that those looking to establish an exercise regimen might be weary of purchasing a gym membership so early into their adventure. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities you can complete at home that will have you looking and feeling better. Low-impact efforts such as walking around the neighborhood, riding a bicycle or evening aerobics classes are great ways to get yourself outside and active.

Christian Fletcher Atlanta consistently admires the dedication it takes to make it on a Major League Baseball team like the Braves. Players who’ve logged some impressive stats over the years – such as Andres Galarraga’s 1998 record of 28 on-the-road home runs or Ralph Garr’s 219 hits in 1971 – are one of the reasons why Christian Fletcher Atlanta continues to keep healthy eating and regular exercise at the forefront of his routines. Simply put: He’s inspired by such skills and wants to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.